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The Granite State Stompers

Traditional Jazz for all Occasions
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History and Style

The Granite State Stompers first set up shop in 2003 (in New Hampshire, of course!) Five years later came their CD "tailgate joy-ride" in the New Orleans tradition. The Stompers' style? Straight ahead lead (cornet), long-line countermelody (clarinet), spot-on trombone harmonics, and a swinging, rhythm section. The melody? Cleanly stated! Solos? Yes, indeed! But it's in the "all aboard" ensembles ― in the split-second polyphony of horns with rhythm section and themselves ― where you'll find the musical epiphanies and moments of "inevitable rightness."

Types of engagements (2003-2015)

                 Outdoor (Summer) and Indoor concerts and dances

                 Private Parties: Wedding receptions/Anniversary/Christmas/Birthday/Barn/

                 Grand Openings: recreation facilities/offices, schools Tent/Beach

                 Reunions: College/Organization/Family

                 Benefits/Fund Raisers Memorial Services

                 Political rallies Festivals/Fairs Parades(on truckbed) Pub/Restaurant

CD Recording: The Granite State Stompers: Take a Tailgate Joyride (2008)

(To order, use the "Contact Us" page)

Musicians:    John Chivers (banjo), Dave Cook (clarinet & saxes), Alden Keyser (drums&kazoo),

                      Whit Wendel (valve trombone), Bill Zimmerman (cornet), Andy Bourke (Tuba or

                      string bass). Guest artists: Robin Verdier (piano), Barry Bockus

            (string bass), Rick MacWilliams (tuba). (see Band Bios)

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